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This website stands for   RAMJET-WAVERIDER

This is the website of Kay Runne, independent aerospace researcher and consultant.


Resume of Kay Runne;

After finishing his studies in mechanical and aeronautical engineering at the Technical University of Aachen in Germany in 1968 as a Dipl.-Ing. he spent his professional life in the aerospace field with several companies, (FOKKER, GRAVINER, DORNIER and AIRBUS Defence & Space) and one research institution, (DLR).

Although a specialist in aerodynamics and thermodynamics the range of his activities included preliminary design, system engineering and management. These activities he undertook for the development of civil aircraft, reentry vehicles, reusable and non-reusable launch vehicles and missiles.

He had the technical responsibility of experimental flight tests and supervised as responsible system engineer a number of wind tunnel and shock tube tests with DLR and ISL.

He is the author of an article on flight tests with models of reentry vehicles and co-author of a number of publications, some of them by the AIAA, on shock tube tests at the ISL with models of missile seeker heads.

He has one internationally recognized patent on his record.

In the year 2001 he retired at the age of 65 and from that moment on he is writing documents on the subject of the design of waverider aircraft with ramjet propulsion.

Apart from his Dutch mother tongue and according to his education and international experience, He speaks and writes English, German and also French fluently.

Please find here documents and data concerning supersonic, hypersonic and space transportation, especially on aerodynamics, thermodynamics, propulsion, vehicle design and performance by clicking on the titles displayed below:

The last document is only added for reference purpose.

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